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Spring clean

Mar 05, 2022Suzanne Johnson

Time to shine ... in 4 easy steps .

I love a spring clean .. the thought of it comes about 3 weeks before I actually find the energy and time to do it .. however once done it is the best feeling .

I have put together my 4 steps to getting a spring clean done and how to keep it lasting as long as possible so efforts are not waisted . 

I do hope you find the steps useful and help get your spring clean on the way . 

Need new storage ? We have containers for your store cuboard and baskets for your blankets . Need a lable ? We have you covered .. plus if you can not find the lable needed ..like (Teen sons smelly socks ) then we can make it for you ! 

Tag us in your spring clean photos 📸 @omalleyhomeandgift.. I would love to see xx

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