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Sustainable living

Apr 23, 2023Suzanne O'Malley

I dont know if its because spring is finally peaking through or the hype on the media , which ever it is I am definitely getting the buzz from sustainable living. I think this is showing with my latest product selections and social media posts! 

It was such a sunny day here in Hampshire yesterday. I got myself to the garden centre bright and early and purchased ....seeds! Now if they will grow is another story but I planted Strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, salad onions plus some herbs.  Watch this space!!!!

This is all new to me so any tips and advice would be most welcomed. 

I used our potting products which you can find under garden decor.

Whilst in the garden i noticed the wicker baskets looked rather weathered . So i used linseed oil to bring them back to life. I brushed it on with a paint brush not expecting much... very pleased to say they look like new! The larger wicker planter is available in our Garden decor section but they are selling fast.

Another new favourite of mine this week is the garlic vault! I love garlic and add it to anything i can. Im so excited that i now have somewhere to keep my bulbs and keep them fresh too. So if you dont use alot of garlic this is great as next time you go to use a clove it will still be fresh to use .

As much as i am missing the shop life , working from home is definitely having its perks. The warehouse is almost finished with being organised and the packing area is ready. Packing orders last week was a challange but we got all your orders out ontime and i hope im not too modist in saying packed to the high standard we like to provide. 

I hope you have an amazing week and I will check in hopefully with some news on my new seedlings . 


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