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The pandemic is not over for small businesses

Apr 02, 2022Suzanne Johnson

As I open my social media it saddens me to see another independent announcement of closure . It is such a scary time in retail at the moment. Cost of living is sky high so we are all keeping our pennies close. Less money spent in the local cafe , treats for yourself or home are at the end of a very long list. 

Could we live without our independent businesses? To think my children could grow up with out a local highstreet makes me feel sad. I loved nothing more than going to Woolworths on a Saturday with the girls and getting the latest tape of Boyzone ... or into Markone for a new top. Where will my grandkids go if this is all gone ? Will everything be in Tesco? 

Seeing businesses of 10+ years having to close scares me . Only being open 2 years and having a shop with no footfall we realy do appreciate our online sales. These help keep our little shop open and make all the difference.  We love nothing more than supplying you with quality homeware and hope to keep doing so in years to come . Times are hard but if you can pop to your local cafe for a coffee or have a trim at the friendly Hairdressers around the corner please do as not only do you get a treat you will make there day too. 

Places like Amazon can dispatch next day and offer free delivery but wouldn't you feel better knowing your parcel has been lovingly wrapped and handled with complete care.. knowing your hard earned cash has helped a small buisness ? Next time you need a gift think independent 💙


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