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We are getting married !

Mar 07, 2022Suzanne Johnson

It's finally happening ....

Becky and I (suzanne) where due to get married in April 2020 however lockdown paid to this and all our work for the wedding in 2019 was put on hold until the end of the year.. or so we thought. Another lockdown put it back again to 2021.. then another lockdown. So we cancelled and decided to wait as all the prep and fun had been sucked out of it . Constant hopes up to be knocked down again each time. 

Then Christmas 2021 Becky gave me the best surprise ever . An elopement wedding in Devon just the two of us for April 2022. 

With just a week to go I'm getting very excited.. the place is just something out of a fairytale and I can not wait to share it with you .. I will be taking plenty of pictures. 

We will finally be Mrs & Mrs O'Malley.. 

Stay tuned for wedding spam .. I promise to keep it minimal xx

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