Trays and Baskets

Looking for storage or statement pieces ? These crafted kubu baskets and elegant trays are a perfect fit .  Use for storage of items you are not wanting to be on show . Alternatively to bring texture into a room.
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Stair basket - O'Malley Home
Stair basket
Small kubu storage basket - O'Malley Home
Small kubu storage basket
Millburn rattan tray - O'Malley Home
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Millburn rattan tray
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Kubu Umbrella stand - O'Malley Home
Kubu Umbrella stand
Kubu storage basket - O'Malley Home
Kubu storage basket
Wooden tray Small - O'Malley Home
Wooden tray Small
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Wooden tray Large - O'Malley Home
Wooden tray Large
Set of 3 kubu baskets - O'Malley Home
Set of 3 kubu baskets
Set of rattan baskets - O'Malley Home
Set of rattan baskets
Wicker bathroom storage - O'Malley Home
Wicker bathroom storage
Wicker rope handled basket - O'Malley Home
Wicker rope handled basket
Kubu apple basket - O'Malley Home
Kubu apple basket