Kubu collection

Our Kubu collection is a handcrafted and sustainable collection. Because all our baskets are handmade from natural materials there may be some variation in size and colour. If you need to fit a specific space, please contact us to check measurements.

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Stair basket - O'Malley Home
Stair basket
Kubu window box planter - O'Malley Home
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Kubu window box planter
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Wicker rope handled basket - O'Malley Home
Wicker rope handled basket
Wicker napkin tray - O'Malley Home
Wicker napkin tray
Wicker dining chair - O'Malley Home
Wicker dining chair
Wicker bathroom storage - O'Malley Home
Wicker bathroom storage
Small kubu storage basket - O'Malley Home
Small kubu storage basket
Set of rattan baskets - O'Malley Home
Set of rattan baskets
Set of 3 kubu baskets - O'Malley Home
Set of 3 kubu baskets
Medium rope wicker planter ( pre order) - O'Malley Home
Medium rope wicker planter ( pre order)
Kubu Umbrella stand - O'Malley Home
Kubu Umbrella stand
Kubu storage basket - O'Malley Home
Kubu storage basket
Kubu apple basket - O'Malley Home
Kubu apple basket